Drivi Palivove

Drivi Palivove is a local firewood supplier in Prague. We provide packaged firewood products which exceed the standards that are set by the government. This means that our customers do not have to worry about pests or bugs in our firewood products. The firewood that we sell are not only certified in accordance with the high standards required by the state, we have also ensured that they have dried down to a very low moisture content to maximize heating utility. We also offer customized packaging options for all your firewood needs.

Premium Products

If you are a homeowner, a business owner, a distributor, a wholesaler, a campground supervisor, or a commercial account looking for a reputable and cost-effective local supplier of firewood products in Prague, you definitely have come to the right place. Our products are certified quality wood by government standards and are approved by the state for distribution, sale, and burning in Prague. Our website visitors can use the navigation menu to check out our products and the related services that we offer.

Sustainable Timber Harvesting

There are two types of timber harvesting that are being practiced right now: first, purely commercial harvesting which is harvesting without any regard for future use or forest growth. Second, sustainable timber harvesting which is designed to promote regeneration and ensure that a high quality young forest will be set to replace the older forest that was harvested. Our company is proud to participate in the latter type of timber harvesting.

We abide by the sustainable forest management practices set forth by the government. Although we profit from our logging practices, the health and longevity of the forests in our local community is also at the top of our priorities. Furthermore, we engage in methods that are designed to conserve local forests and safeguard the native wildlife. We earn our living through responsible forest stewardship and take pride in supporting sustainable methods practiced by other local businesses.

Dedicated Customer Service

We strive to meet all your firewood demands efficiently and promptly, which is why we always provide same day or next day delivery. We have rate contracts with major delivery providers to ensure that our products get from our warehouse to your location as cost-effectively as possible. If you have your own freight accounts, we would be happy to accommodate those as well for you. To ensure fast and efficient service, all our products are tagged with barcodes and compliance certification labels. Our company’s contact information is also indicated on the shipping label.

Because we care about our customers and the quality of the products we sell and distribute, we have several members on staff that are highly trained arboriculturists. This means that we are exceptionally qualified to recognize the variety of timber species and ensure that its value is maximized as your heat source. Our wood processing facilities and warehouses are also fully equipped to handle any type of order, no matter how large it may be. We have also made sure to build a website that will allow you to easily contact us if you have questions or concerns about our products and services.


Adam Oliva is the founder and owner of Drivi Palivove. Born and raised in Prague, Adam is aware of the role of local businesses in keeping the community alive and thriving. He built the company to provide local homeowners and business owners with firewood products that do not just offer good value for their money, but which also represent responsible and sustainable business practices.