Other Services

Residential Firewood Delivery

We are very proud of our excellent delivery team. We take the necessary steps to make sure that you get exactly the items that you ordered. Each order is properly labeled for your needs before getting promptly shipped through your courier of choice. Our premium products are available in bulk or in customized bundles. We can also personally deliver your order to your home. We ship anywhere within Prague as our delivery vehicles cover regular delivery routes throughout the city.

Woods for Other Uses

We also sell slabs – or pieces of wood that are sometimes too unique to be turned into firewood. Slabs are special because they have a live edge and are the perfect representation of the wonders of nature because of their amazing wood grain. They may be used for other purposes. Designers and craftsmen often turn them into conference room or coffee tables, wall art, art displays, and many others. Slabs are available for sale in a variety of tree species and dimensions. We price each piece individually so feel free to visit our warehouse to check out which one suits your needs.

Firewood Accessories

We also offer premium quality firewood racks that not only look amazing, but will also help you season your firewood from spring until the time that you need to burn it. These racks are made with the best materials and high quality workmanship to help you organize and display your firewood supply aesthetically and efficiently. They promote airflow and allow your firewood to season perfectly. Full wood covers are also available to minimize the moisture content of your firewood supply.

Gifts and Special Offers

If you are thinking about sending any of our products to a friend or a loved one as a present on a special day, we would be happy to help you out. All of our products may be delivered on your behalf to celebrate a holiday or an important occasion or even when you just want to let the person know that you are thinking about him or her. The delivery can be a one-time order or it can be done periodically, depending on your requirements. We will try our best to accommodate any of your special requests.