Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Drivi Palivove is at the heart of the forests of Prague. Our product offerings consist mainly of native tree species, including some of the most nationally recognized species. Unlike other firewood suppliers who source their products by buying them from other harvester nationally or internationally, we guarantee that you will be able to purchase firewood that is from a truly local and sustainable company. Our objective has always been to produce high quality firewood using environmentally sensitive methods. We also deliver within the city limits and we are always ready to listen to any special requests.

Firewood Products

We sustainably harvest thousands of tons of timber every year which we then convert into firewood, slabs, and other wood products that we are currently selling. Our harvesting typically takes place between late summer and the early winter. This is the ideal time to do this because the ground is not too wet so as to cause significant damage to the harvested timber and ensure that what we harvest is suitable for our purpose. We have also chosen this time period to satisfy consumer demand and offer reasonable and cost-effective prices to our valued customers.

Sustainable Timber Harvesting

For every tree that we harvest, several will be replanted or naturally regenerated to ensure that the local forests remain healthy and in great condition. In the past few years, we have planted nearly a hundred hectares of new woodland. Furthermore, our techniques and methods have been thoroughly tested and certified by our local authorizing agency. Our production and harvesting techniques ensure that not only are our customers able to receive a reliable and high quality supply of products, we are also able to reduce our impact on the environment and support the local economy by building supply chains.

How to Find Us

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