At Drivi Palivove, we aim to bring you the best possible product at the most cost-effective price possible. Our company is Prague’s best supplier of premium firewood for all your kindling needs. We take pride in providing our customers with premium products and superior customer service. We offer a diverse range of firewood and other wood products, including the following:

Kiln Dried Firewood

Through the kiln drying technique, we produce high quality firewood that is dry, clean and pest-free, easy to light and burn. Kiln drying essentially entails placing sawn lumber into a kiln, which is a type of thermally insulated oven, where the temperature is controlled and optimized to reach the wood’s equilibrium moisture content. Some of the energy that is used in kiln drying firewood is transferred onto the wood, which leads to a product that when burn, uses significantly less wood for more heat.

Packaged Firewood Products

We offer packaged kiln dried firewood with an assortment of both birch and hardwood. Our products are certified pest-free as we comply with the exacting standards mandated by local regulations. Because our packaged firewood is kiln dried, we ensure a clean burning and a stable fire for your fireplace or your cooking needs.

Cooking and Gourmet Wood

Our cooking grade wood are split into small and serviceable pieces and produced specifically for cooking purposes. Some of the cooking and gourmet types of firewood that we offer are cherry, apple, maple, ash, and oak. Using our gourmet wood will ensure that you obtain that special wood cooking flavor to your gourmet recipe. All of our gourmet wood are kiln dried to ensure clean and dry firewood that is ready for your grill.

If you are looking for the right type of wood for your pizza oven or barbecue grill, you can contact our team to discuss your options and determine which one is perfect for your unique needs. Whether you need just one pallet or a whole truckload, our team will ensure that your order is delivery promptly and without any issues. We offer fast and secure shipping through any of the major courier services or you can also opt for a personal delivery through our delivery team.