Types of Woods for Smoking

Do you know the secret behind Japanese smoked meats such as yakitori? It is the way the smoke their meat. Aside from the ingredients they use to marinate their meat, they use the premium type of woods to add a natural smoked flavour to their dish. Learn more about these types of wood and what dishes you can smoke with them.


Mild Woods

Mild woods produces subtle flavour when used. These types of wood are Alder and Maple. They are best used when smoking fish. The flavour they exude doesn’t overpower the fish meat. It has the right subtleness perfect for white meat. When vodafone top up had their biggest celebration, they were served smoked salmon topped with caviar. According to the participants, it was one of the best dishes they have ever tasted. The chef chose maple wood for smoking the salmon. You can still taste the salmon with a subtle touch of sweetness from the maple wood.

Medium Woods

firewoodChefs often use medium woods for smoking meats with sauces. They have done types of market research on which woods would taste best for certain recipes, the responses from their participants implied that fruit woods are the best. These woods came from apple, cherry, oak, and pear. Oak is the Japanese favourite wood to use when smoking their yakitori. The flavour from fruit woods is sweet, flavorful, and aromatic. They are perfect to be used for meats marinated in sauces. It complements soy sauce, tomato juice, fruit juice, pepper, and other common spices used in cooking.


Strong Woods

You must be familiar with the famous Hickory barbecue. The extraordinary taste you get from this dish came from Hickory wood itself. Aside from Hickory wood, pecan, walnut, and mesquite are types of strong woods. They have a strong flavour. Be careful when you use this type of wood. Because they can overpower the taste of your dish. However, they are best for ribs and fatty meat. You should also try bacon smoked with pecan wood, it is so delicious and will be the best bacon you’ll ever have.